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A century of wine-growing

Winegrower, much more than a profession, a philosophy of life

Being a winemaker is much more than a job, it is a philosophy of life. For us, this is based on the three points of people, vines and wine. Let us present to you our vision of what it means to be a winemaker…

Culture de la vigne
Culture de la vigne
Culture de la vigne
Culture de la vigne
Culture de la vigne
Culture de la vigne

The combination of the care taken in working the vines, the production of Champagnes and the moments of sharing with our visitors, makes the spirit of Champagne Christian Naudé unique and best represents our philosophy of life.

Geoffroy and Magalie Naudé

The sharing

Today, it is us, Magalie and Geoffroy Naudé, who are at the head of the Champagne Christian Naudé estate, an estate created by Geoffroy's parents.

We take as much pleasure in working our vines and making our Champagnes as we do in sharing friendly moments with visitors, walkers and the curious.

Share our passion, welcome to the estate, introduce our vintages, taste a glass of Champagne, enjoy the present moment…

All this encourages us to continue our work, to improve further, while looking to the future with serenity, confidence and desire. Our desire is to transmit our passion for our profession as well as our pride in our field.


The vine represents the beginning for us. This will take root deep in the terroir on which it was planted and thus develop its identity, its character, its typicality.

It is for this reason that each plot deserves our full attention. Each of them is unique. We must listen to their needs as best we can and respond to them. It is by fulfilling these conditions that in exchange, the vine rewards us with its most beautiful grapes.

In addition to offering us high-quality harvests, our Charly-sur-Marne terroirs offer us magnificent landscapes, which we see evolve over the seasons.

Enjoying this spectacle while tasting our Champagnes best represents all the beauty of our daily life.


Revealing all the character, all the identity, all the taste of each of our plots is our mission.

Retranscribing all the typicity of our terroirs through our Champagnes is close to our hearts.

Thus, we take pleasure in giving free rein to our creativity and our curiosity, while ensuring that we respect the character of our plots, in order to offer fruity and balanced champagnes. For us, assembly work requires precision, patience and delicacy to obtain the most beautiful results.