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Champagne Brut Carte Rouge

Carte Rouge

A beautiful golden color with coppery sparkles.

The rather complex, full and mature nose is wonderfully delicate. Hints of vine peach, damson pie, crumble, as well as a dash of tarte tatin, make it very tasteful.

The mouth feel is rather full but retains its strength. The sweetness and the natural fullness of this batch make the tasting very comfortable. The very smooth effervescence brings sweetness to the mouth and a juicy character of mandarin and yellow nectarine.

This cuvee will delight food lovers and those who are looking for wines with a beautiful richness and some maturity.

A perfect wine for pre-dinner drinks with some cheese (Parmesan, Mimolette), but also goes well with Asian-like food.

Grape Varieties :

  • 70% pinot meunier
  • 20% pinot noir
  • 10% chardonnay

Terroir :

  • Marne Valley
  • Clay-limestone soil

Vinification :

  • Manual harvest
  • Traditional wood press
  • Fermentation in a steel vat
  • 30% reserve wines blend
  • Ageing on must of at least 3 years
  • Disgorging dosage 8g/l

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